Am I Really Infected?

Do not be fooled by popup ads, especially ones that are entitled, TOTAL SECURITY, AntiVirus2010/2009/XP/, AV360, AntiVirus Pro, etc. Most all of them feed in through ad feeds on web pages visited by you when surfing the web. If you come across these ads try the following steps to increase your chances of not being infected.

If you see a popup as described above you must STOP all activity on your computer and follow these instructions immediately!

  1. Open Task Manager by holding down the keys CTRL + ALT then tap DEL once and choose Task Manager if you can not open Task Manager shut your computer off right away.
  2. Click on the tab Processes (you can click on “image name” to sort alphabetically)
  3. Find the process called iexplore.exe (NOT explorer.exe) or any other web browser you may have been using such as firefox.exe or chrome.exe
  4. Highlight every iexplore.exe and click End Process one at a time until they are all gone.
  5. Close Task Manager

All your Internet Explorer or web browser windows will have now closed including the virus popup window.

Next you have to clean your system of the payload before it executes (yes, you have a lot of work to do because your system may already be infected)

  1. Run a temp file remover such as ATF Cleaner or any program you have in place that dumps all your temp files quickly and easily.
  2. Run a FULL scan with any anti-spyware software or removal tools you have access to. (Be sure to update these anti-spyware tools and software before you start the scan.)

See our Support numbers and Links page for some commonly used anti-malware tools if you are not familiar with any. If asked to reboot your machine by the anti-spyware software or tools you are using be sure to do so. It is often necessary for the anti-spyware software to request a reboot when disinfecting a machine.

I recommend that you keep running scans until they report there are no infected items left and if you have trouble getting rid of any you should immediately contact your help desk for further assistance.

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