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Network Protection Services

If your business is dependent on the data that it generates from day to day, you should consider speaking with us about securing and bolstering your current network and cyber security with one of our cyber security and network protection service accounts.

Workstation and Server Deployment

When it comes to the roll out of large quantities of PC’s and Servers, Atlanta I.T. Service is the proven choice offering exponentially more efficient service than anyone else.

Priority Customer Service

From time to time, certain situations require special attention. Atlanta I.T. Service offers priority service to customers who have special needs.

Wide Area Networks

If you have or need remote offices, Atlanta I.T. Service can design, implement, and support the optimal Wide Area Network for your business.

Data Vault Service

We offer highly reliable, automated backups and recovery services that assure fast and accurate restoration following data loss or destruction.

Wiring Services

We are a Georgia State Low Voltage Licensed Contractor. Low voltage cabling is the backbone of most networks and telecommunication infrastructures.

Web Design

Your organization deserves to put its best foot forward on the internet. Let us assess your needs and provide dynamic, memorable and tasteful web designs.

And More…

We pride ourselves on making sure you get the most comprehensive experience possible.

Recent News

  • Don’t Fall for Chrome and Firefox “HoeflerText Font Wasn’t Found” Banking Malware Scam

    The malicious scam campaign, “The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found,” is back, which was previously targeting Google Chrome users to trick them into installing Spora ransomware on their computers. This time the campaign has been re-designed to target Mozilla Firefox users with a banking trojan, called Zeus Panda. Interestingly, the attackers behind this new campaign are […]

  • Leaked NSA Hacking Tools Being Used to Hack Thousands of Vulnerable Windows PCs

    Script kiddies and online criminals around the world have reportedly started exploiting NSA hacking tools leaked last weekend to compromise hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Windows computers exposed on the Internet. Last week, the mysterious hacking group known as Shadow Brokers leaked a set of Windows hacking tools targeting Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows […]

  • Spotify – Malware infested ads

    It seems Spotify is in trouble again as several music lovers are reporting that its free streaming service is pushing malware-infested ads to its users. According to a user report on the company’s forum, running Spotify Free on the desktop periodically causes your browser to open various malicious websites without your permission. So if your […]

  • Newly Discovered Mac Malware with Ancient Code Spying on Biotech Firms

    Security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Mac-based espionage malware that relies on outdated coding practices but has been used in some previous real-world attacks to spy on biomedical research center computers. Dubbed Fruitfly, the malware has remained undetected for years on macOS systems despite using unsophisticated and “antiquated code.” Infosec firm Malwarebytes discovered […]

  • How To Stop Hacking of Your WiFi in 2017

    It’s 2017, and we’re not any further along with Wi-Fi security than we were 10 years ago. There are Intrusion Detection Systems and 2nd generation antivirus apps to protect us from some vulnerabilities but the simple fact is that we find businesses that are still deploying wireless technology in ways that it should never be […]

  • Is Microsoft using your Internet and Computer for free?

    Numerous articles indicate that Microsoft is using your computer and Internet Bandwidth, to provide daily Windows Updates and upgrades for other computers running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows 10 that are not in your facility. Which is really a smart way to do it if you think about it, but perhaps you would […]

  • Windows 10 Anniversary Edition version 1607 – How to defer update or Roll back if already updated

    With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition version 1607 we have verified there are issues with certificate based VPN network connections and some Anti-Virus software compatibility  issues. Below we have provided a step by step guide that outlines the steps needed to Defer Windows 10 Upgrades and in case a machine of yours has […]

  • Your iPhone Can Be Hacked Remotely With Just A Message

    Do you own an iPhone? Mac? Or any Apple device? Well now it appears there is a StageFright type hack for iPhone users. Just one specially-crafted message can expose your personal information, including your authentication credentials stored in your device’s memory, to a hacker. The vulnerability is quite similar to the Stagefright vulnerabilities, discovered a […]

  • Chinese Ad Firm Infected 85 Million Android Users

    An Android-based malware campaign has been found to control as many as 85 million Android devices globally and is making its gang an estimated $300,000 per month in fraudulent ad revenue. A Chinese advertising company called Yingmob is responsible for distributing the malware on a massive scale and would appear to be the same firm […]

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