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Low Voltage Cabling

We are a Georgia State Low Voltage Licensed Contractor.

Low voltage cabling is the backbone of most networks and telecommunication infrastructures. Phone systems, networks, video networks and security systems require properly installed low voltage cabling to communicate with each other consistently.

We help our customers incorporate all of their data, voice and wireless applications into a common corporate design to maximize network and hardware efficiencies for successful deployment and utilization of their business resources.

If you are planning to relocate to a new office space we can help you move your data and voice services along with your IT infrastructure. We can assist with relocation and setup of your phone systems, including VoIP, as well as your computer network systems.

We are able to serve your cabling needs through:

    • Pulling cable
      • We use a full line of components and accessories to conveniently organize cable runs so that later cables can be easily identified and located for maintenance, repair or testing.
      • You decide at the time of installation if you want universal cable drops that can be used as voice or data by simply moving a patch cable or traditional fixed drops. With the universal drop installed as the needs of your company change you will have the ability to change the design of your network by simply moving a patch cable.
    • Terminating Cable
    • Certifying cable
    • Testing – We provide detailed testing results of all data drops (Cat 5e, Cat6, 100/1000 Mbps data lines to insure proper data transmission)
    • Also design, new installations, system upgrades, adds/moves/changes, maintenance of current cabling systems
    • Labeling – for easy identification, maintenance and repair. We have experience and ability to carry out any State or Federal projects. We have the ability to include individual report printouts of each individual network drops.


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