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The following tools and techniques are recommended by Atlanta IT Service free of use. Each addresses some of the most common issues we see every day in the support field.

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Remote Help Desk Client

Desktop sharing client; does not require installation, simply run.

Visitor IP

Get your current IP address and other information.

Remote Support portal

Remote Support Portal for remote helpdesk services.

Show my pc for Windows

For use with the assistance of a support staff member.

Show my pc for Mac

For use with the assistance of a support staff member.

Spyware Detection & Removal Tools

  • Support Numbers and Links: Page displays the latest list of suggested downloads and links to the safest places to retrieve them.
  • ATF Cleaner: Great utility for quickly deleting all temp files and folders. Good idea before and after cleaning a virus or unwanted programs from your computer to be sure nothing unpacks later and re-installs it’s self.
  • Secure Desktop and UAC: This registry edit disables Secure Desktop and UAC in Vista and Windows 7. It can be helpful when trying to run unattended removal scripts for spyware or malware. After importing in to the registry a reboot is required.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Numeric Lock Help for Windows Clients: Automatically turns your Num Locks on before the login screen.
  • Atlanta IT Service Disk Care Script: After installing the Disk Care Script on a Windows XP computer, click Start, Run and type “tasks” then choose OK when prompted. Next, you should see “DiskCareAITS” double-click it and set a password. If your machine is left on overnight it will run about once a month. If not you may launch manually, by clicking Start, Programs, Accessories and “CheckYourDisk”. Allow this process to run for and hour or two. When it is finished the computer will be at the login screen to login to Windows. Also works with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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Client & Technical Tools

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