Cellular Broadband Cards

The following article will provide step by step instructions on how to setup a new Verizon Day pass or Pre-paid Mobile Broadband card. To get started read below,

Verizon Pre-Paid Day pass Mobile Broadband Access

$15 per day / 100MB
$30 per week / 300MB

1) Bought a USB760 Modem for about $100 ( from Bestbuy ) No Sim Card Required for this model, Does have a SDmicro slot for added storage if desired.
2) Inserted USB modem in laptop and disabled anti-virus software
3) Installed VZAccess Manager and it installed the generic USB modem drivers
4) Opened VZAccess Manager and choose “Get Access” that takes you tohttps://quickaccess.verizonwireless.com/quickaccess?olp=LolJTn7utSZk61HL%2Fo%2FR5YI%2FoauP%2Fc1KT3O4%2BWC64jeTR56dtt44QQ==

In most cases we were able to access this page solely via the new and un-activated USB Modem, however about 30% of the time we are unable to and have found if you allow the VZAccess software to manage the Wifi card in your laptop and you check to be sure you are connected to the internet and then try “Get Access” it will take you to the Verizon quickaccess website and allow you to buy a daypass after which you can reboot your PC open VZAccess manager and choose “Options” and then “Activation” once it activates the bottom right corner should display your device assigned cell number. Be sure to make note of this assigned number as you will need it if you have to call in later.

Last step is simply to click on Verizon Wireless – VZAccess or connect WWAN.

Recommendation: Click Help and “Check for updates” and install all available updates once the service is up and working we always remove management of the Wifi card from the Verizon software.

Verizon Support: for Pre-Paid Customers 1-888-294-6804