Computer Use Policy

Business owners and networks that offer internet access can often find themselves responsible for the actions of their users. Therefore, its prudent to outline your use policies up front as well as establish clear usage expectations and standards. The following resource outlines a standard Computer Use Policy that you may use.

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BUSINESS USE RESTRICTION. Computers Facilities means the Company’s email system, internet access system and computer system (including desktop computers, central servers and company-owned laptop computers). Computers Facilities are paid for by the company, and provided for company work, to assist and facilitate business communications and work-related research. They are intended for no other purpose. The Computer Facilities are to be used for Company business 100% of the time. No personal use will be permitted at any time.

DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE. Employees may not use the Computer Facilities to download software or any executable code for personal use. If the employee wants to download software or any executable code for business use, they must obtain prior permission from their supervisor.

ILLEGAL USE BY EMPLOYEE. The Computer Facilities may not be used for illegal, disruptive, offensive, or wrongful purposes. Employees may not use the Computer Facilities to: Distribute defamatory, fraudulent or harassing messages; send, receive or store sexually explicit or other offensive images or messages, or slurs or disparaging materials based on any person’s ethnicity, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age; violate or infringe the copyright of any person; or incite any person to illegal actions.

WEB LOGS (“BLOGS”), SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, CHAT ROOMS, INSTANT MESSAGING AND EMAIL.The prohibitions described in this policy apply to employee postings on Internet web logs (“blogs”), social networking sites, chat rooms, instant messaging, and emails, as well as to any other Internet or computer use.

OTHER PROHIBITED USES. The employee should not use the Computer Facilities to send bulk email in marketing and unsolicited format without the specific prior approval of his or her supervisor. The employee should not use the Company’s logo, graphics, trademarks, trade names, slogans, or any other Company content, unless involved in an authorized business activity.

EXTERNAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS. For security and confidentiality purposes, the employee may not forward Company email to personal email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or others.

ATTACHMENTS. Don’t open attachments to email that you did not specifically request from a known busines contact. Viruses and worms and other damaging malware generally arrive with false return addresses, stolen from an infected computer, one which usually uses some other email address than those that appear on the email. Never trust email to be safe, even if it appears to come from someone you know.


Violations of these policies may result in discipline, suspension and even termination of employment.

I have read and clearly understand the above policies. I have no questions regarding the above policies.

[ Signed & Dated by both Employeer/User & Supervisor ]

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