What info will I need to get my new service up and running?

When ordering a new data circuit or shortly after your sales person or project manager from the company you purchased the circuit from should be able to provide you with the basic following information to get your new circuit up and running.

What your cut sheet for your new circuit should contain.

This information should be shared with the technician who will turn up this new service for your company and avoid sharing with anyone outside your organization.

( Information ) ( Example )

IP Address or IP range 99.240.89.O2 or 99.240.89.O2 thru .O6

Subnet mask

Gateway 99.240.89.O1

Primary DNS 98.246.80.O2

Secondary DNS 98.241.80.O3

SMTP service servers name smtp.ihavethebestisp.com

Ethernet Hand Off Speed 100mbps – half duplex

Many data circuit’s come with other services and many ISP’s will provide a website login to manage your account without having to call and speak with a representative from that company. It is a great idea to ask about this information from your sales person when placing your order for new service.

If you are ordering a Private Point to Point data circuit you will need further information, such as for A Frame Relay you will need your DLCI information. If you have ordered a latency sensitive data circuit it is a good idea to get us involved to assist you in your ordering process.