How To Determine A Computers Name

Often times the name of a computer (which is also known as the hostname or NetBIOS name) is needed for the purpose of locating or identifying a computer on the network. Here are the steps to find a PC’s network hostname:

1. Right-click on my Computer and click on Properties

2015-07-09 14_27_45-Program Manager


2. Your computer name will be listed near the bottom under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings as shown below.

hostname small


3. If you are missing a Computer or My Computer Icon, click on the Start Menu, click Run, and type in sysdm.cpl. Your computer name will be listed next to Full computer name:

System Properties with Full Computer Name Highlighted


4. If you have Windows 8 with the new standard shell, simply start typing sysdm.cpl, then click on System Properties from among the the icons that appear.

Another simple way is to open a command windows and type ” hostname ” (without the quotes) and press enter, the next line displayed will display the computer’s name. This works in any version of Microsoft Windows.

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