Quicktime Auto Deployment

(Update: 4-18-2016 There have been a few reported vulnerabilities in Quicktime and it appears Apple may abandon this product on Windows platforms, you can find how to uninstall here)


Apple’s Quicktime version 7 with all it’s changes has been difficult for some IT admins to get deployed to their workstations. Here is a command line auto deployment script that will save you from having to go to each workstation on your network to install.

First the stand alone package can be downloaded by going to https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download

Once Downloaded start it and then open your temp folder( type %temp% in run and click OK ) and copy AppleApplicationSupport.msi to the same folder as Quicktimeinstaller.exe and now your ready to create a batch file.

Now add the following commands to your batch file,

quicktimeinstaller /passive
msiexec /i AppleApplicationSupport.msi /passive

We deployed this version on 60 Windows XP and 18 Windows 7 computers resulting with no issues.

We also deployed version on another deployment of 41 Windows XP x64 machines all resulting in no issues.

According to Apple’s website Quicktime is no longer supported on Windows XP x64, but using this method we have had no issues to report when installing on Windows XP 64 bit computers.