Change Mail Server ports Apple iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Max and iOS 12 and 13 up

A number of our clients have expressed frustration when setting up their private domain’s POP or IMap email accounts in iOS devices. Most companies that host pop or imap mail services require custom incoming and outgoing server settings to be implemented in order for email to flow properly. We are frequently asked how to change server port number in an iphone or ipad. If you’ve ever tried setting up email addresses with these types of custom settings, you may share their frustration in finding the proper menus in which to apply these settings. The info below will be a great help in pointing you to the right direction.

These steps are for devices running IOS 13 and up if you have an older device click here

1. Turn the iPhone/iPad ON and tap Settings on the iPhone home screen.

2. Tap “Passwords & Accounts”

3. Tap “Add Account”.

4. Tap Other. Tap Add Mail Account.

5. Enter your POP or IMap email account settings provided by your Email Hosting Company or Network Administrator.

Name: User’s First and Last name

Address: Full Email Address

Password: Email Account’s password

Description: Account Nick Name

6. Tap Next. Enter the following Mail Server Settings.

Incoming Mail Server

Host Name: [your domain].[incoming mail server].com

User name: Full email address

Password: Email account’s password

Outgoing Mail Server

Host Name: [your domain].[outgoing mail server].com

User name: Full email address

Password: Email Account’s password

7. iPhone will attempt to verify server settings. If verification fails, it will ask Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL? Choose No  then Next at the top right corner, complete this account setup by choosing save at the bottom of the screen and save again at the top right corner of the screen and exit out to the mail home screen.

After successfully (or unsuccessfully) adding an email account to the device’s list of accounts, follow this path to edit the account’s incoming/outgoing server ports:

1. From the IOS Device’s home screen, Tap Settings.

2. Tap “Passwords & Accounts”

3. Tap the Email Account you just added or wish to edit the server ports on.

From here you are allowed to edit the incoming or outgoing smtp server ports, below are some images that should guide you through these steps,

Setup New POP or IMap account,














Modify new email account to change incoming or outgoing smtp server port numbers,


















Apple IOS 12 or higher

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