Use your Android Phone to share Google Duo with a tech.

Did you know your Android could be shared with us in a pinch that could help reduce your need to explain a situation unfolding?

iPhone users can follow these steps with FaceTime to accomplish the same result.

Below we have provided all the steps for Android users,

  1. Open the app Duo, In the bottom-right, tap New.
    Select an option:
    Create a new meeting :
    To share a meeting link, select an option:
    You can send this by email to us, compose a new email and anywhere in the body tap and choose paste, you should now see the link in the body of the new email, send to us.
  2. Join the meeting and wait for us,
    To join the new meeting that you created, tap ‘Join meeting‘ .
    Under ‘Meetings’, tap the meeting name.
  3. Tap Join.