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  • Newly Discovered Mac Malware with Ancient Code Spying on Biotech Firms

    Security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Mac-based espionage malware that relies on outdated coding practices but has been used in some previous real-world attacks to spy on biomedical research center computers. Dubbed Fruitfly, the malware has remained undetected for years on macOS systems despite using unsophisticated and “antiquated code.” Infosec firm Malwarebytes discovered […]

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  • First Mac OS X Ransomware Targets Apple Users

    Another Mac OS Virus/Malware successful attack, we often hear Apple devices are on a closed OS and are not susceptible to the unwanted Virus/Malware type attacks but Virus outbreaks of the Flashback virus to Mac systems and Wire Lurker attacks on iPads and phones are proof Apple’s Mac OS and other products are in fact […]

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