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  • New Email Campaign Sends Locky Ransomware to Millions of Users

    Researchers from two security firms have independently spotted two mass email campaigns, spreading two different, but new variants of the Locky ransomware. Lukitus Campaign: Sends 23 Million Emails in 24 Hours The campaign found by researchers at AppRiver sent out more than 23 million messages containing the Locky ransomware, in just 24 hours on 28 […]

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  • New Petya Ramsom classified as Wiper Malware

    The Petya ransomware attacks that has spread in several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, France, India and the United States on Tuesday, and demands $300 ransom, was not created with the purpose of restoring infected computers at all. Comae Technologies Founder Matt Suiche, who closely looked at the operation of the malware, said after analyzing the […]

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