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Barrier-Breaking Ultra-High-Speed Ethernet Extender

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Nov 08, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –CopperLink(TM)… Going the distance

Patton–the leader in business and carrier-class VoIP, network access, connectivity, and video surveillance equipment–is now shipping the US-manufactured CopperLink(TM) 2174 ultra-high-speed Ethernet extender.

To date, hundreds of CopperLink(TM) 2174 Ethernet extender kits have already shipped.

Patton announced and began taking orders for the CopperLink(TM) 2174 product series in September. Now, to meet demand, Patton’s factory is operating at full capacity: building extender kits and fulfilling orders received from at least a dozen countries.

Breaking its own longstanding record of barrier-breaking innovations, Patton has engineered a device that achieves downstream line rates up to 168 Mbps and extends Ethernet segments up to 10,000 feet (3 kilometers). View speed/distance tables…

Made in the USA at the company’s Gaithersburg, Maryland headquarters, Patton’s most recent addition to the CopperLink(TM) family sets the new standard for Ethernet speed and distance.

“It’s another industry first for us,” said Johnnie Grant, product manager, CopperLink(TM) brand. “Once again Patton has taken Ethernet farther and faster than ever before. But that’s not all. Offering multiple physical media options with extreme speed and distance profiles, we’ve created the world’s most versatile Ethernet extender.”

Because it can operate over copper twisted-pair, coaxial or CAT-5+ cabling, the CopperLink(TM) 2174 eliminates the expense and hassle of replacing installed cable infrastructure when inter-connecting IP-enabled devices.

Patton’s model 2174 enables network engineers to leverage existing cable installations to . . .

— Convert legacy CCTV circuits (coaxial) to IP

— Replace serial RS-232/422/485 circuits (twisted-pair) with Ethernet connections

— Improve the Ethernet speed/distance performance of CAT5/6/7 segments

Patton customers can specify BNC , RJ-45 or terminal block connectors when ordering two-packs of the CopperLink(TM) 2174.

Providing four Ethernet ports with a built-in switch, the 2174 can aggregate and transmit IP traffic from four sources (light/motion sensors, video cameras, entry-card readers, personal computers, etc.) over a single Ethernet connection.

Last week at elastixWorld, Patton and Elastix announced their fully-integrated unified communications system. The company also recently appointed a new sales director to lead operations South Asia, as announced in October.

SOURCE: Patton Electronics Co.

Patton Electronics Co
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