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Using Compromised Passwords and information

Lots of changes are happening all around us on a daily basis when it comes to today's technological conveniences. Many of us do not have an interest in news about businesses that have become compromised or sometimes even government agencies. This list of organizations is incredibly long and has a direct effect on billions of people more often that you might believe.

On December 4, 2013 a man named Troy Hunt decided to make it fast and convenient for everyone to check if their information has been compromised and is possibly being used by the hacker community.
His website takes input from you and checks it against the long list of compromised information from thousands of released data dumps from numerous sources including the dark web. Check your passwords, logins and email addresses to see if they appear in this sadly ever growing enormous database of compromised personal information.

A quick check and a little common sense should guide your decision in the right direction regarding the often asked question "Should I change my password?" It is also a great place to check when creating new passwords.

Check passwords here,

Check email addresses and usernames here,

The site is pronounced "Have I been pōn ed" from the slang term pwn meaning to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership.
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